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By Lin Wurzbacher on 10/28/2010 8:17 PM

It may seem like strange advice but one of the best pieces of advice that I would give any church leader is simply: "remember, everything ebbs and flows."

What does that mean?

It's like waves in the ocean ebb (recede) and then flow (come towards the shore). It's that back and forth movement. It's the rhythum of life and it's the rhythum in ministry and churches..  It's the rhythum of everyone's life and it's something you can't control.

By Lin Wurzbacher on 10/23/2010 7:48 AM


Reality check: Being a female, non-denominational, senior pastor can feel kind of lonely at times.  For one thing, there is very, very few of us.

I have spent a lot of time through the years searching for others like me and have found so very few.

I have found quite a few husband and wife team church planters but very few solo (Non-denom.) women church planters.  There is a big difference. Though my husband is 100% supportive of me and the church, he is not, does not have the calling of a pastor.

This is truly pioneering work and very few people know nor understand that aspect of it.

I certainly don't say this because I want sympathy of any kind.  But I do want other women who are considering planting a church to be aware and be prepared that this road can be a lonely one at times. 

I prayed long and hard about whether God was calling me and our church to be part of a denomination. It would have been nice to feel and have the support of a bigger organization. But God made it clear to me that was not His plan for me and for BHCC. I don't know all the whys of His plan, I just know that it is His will.

It grieves me how so many male pastors have acted towards me through the years. I can understand that they may have different beliefs than do I when it comes to women in ministry.  I can accept that, but what I can't accept is for a pastor of Christ to use their beliefs as a reason to be rude to another human being.  It contradicts the Gospel message as far as I'm concerned.

One time I attended a pastor's luncheon and was sat at a table with 6 male pastors.  None of them would talk to me.  The speaker was Dr. David Jeremiah and the man who was leading the worship portion kept saying things like, 'men, stand up, men, sit down." The women were not addressed at all and there were quite a few in the room!

By Lin Wurzbacher on 10/11/2010 9:22 AM


Does it bother me that so many men and Christian denominations still believe that woman should not be pastors?


Of course it bothers me! Anything that interferes with God’s work and God’s people going forth to bring more light into this dark world in which we live bothers me greatly!

We can argue what scriptures say or doesn't say all day long but the bottom line friends is it makes absolutely no sense (according to the whole Gospel) why God wouldn’t call women to be pastors. (Oh yes, I will tackle this subject often in this blog and for good reason, it’s part of what God has called me to do! :- )

The fact that it makes absolutely no sense for God not to call women as pastors and church planters is a BIG spiritual truth that I want to point out today.  The problem with the idea of women not being pastors puts the focus on what man can do and not so much on what Christ can do.

The question should not be what gender but the question should be is that person following Christ and led by the Spirit of God? It really seems insulting to God and certainly to women to say that God can’t use women as leaders and pastors in His church. God can use anyone! That’s the gospel message, right?

And here’s the truth.  The work I do is the same work that any male pastor does.  The work is the same, or at least it should be.

I will revisit this subject often in this blog (along with many other controversial subjects) but for now, I want to share a little more about the work of a pastor by sharing my last few days of doing His work.

Last Friday and Saturday was the Women of Faith Conference in Rochester, NY.  BHCC had around 35 women go together as a group.  It was an absolutely amazing experience for the women of our church.

Now remember, our church reaches many unchurched and dechurched people.  Most all of our people are either on the edges of finding faith or are brand new to finding Christ.

I often think of Paul’s illustration of how new Christians are like babes and infants in Christ and so in many ways, it feels like most of our church is a giant nursery full of precious little ones in need of much love and attention.

My calling often feels very much like a spiritual Mom.  God gives me such a great heart for these people, I feel like they are like my very own children regardless of their earthly age.  It’s spiritual age and maturity that I see in them.

By Lin Wurzbacher on 10/6/2010 12:30 PM

Greetings in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ!

And WELCOME to my new website and blog!!!

Why have I titled this website: "That woman pastor?"

First of all, because the vision that God has given me for this site is definitely for it to contain much humor! Since I really enjoy adding a bit of humor to just about everything, I want my blog and website to reflect that part of who God made me!  I've always thought that I'm a living example of the fact that God has an amazing sense of humor! I like that about Him!

And Secondly, I've always found it amusing that I am often referred to by the people at large in our community as 'that woman pastor." Usually the people of my church and I hear that phrase used in various ways, often something like:  "Ohh, you're from the church that has that woman pastor?"

So I smile and say, "Yeah, that woman pastor, that would be me!"
And in that moment, I can feel God smile and wink at me as He adds:  "That woman pastor? ....that's MY daughter! That's My child!  That's My servant! That woman pastor belongs to me!"

My goal and prayer is for this website to encourage other servants of Christ and all the glory forever and ever to be to Christ alone!  Worthy is the Lamb who was slain! I plan to be very BOLD and honest with all that I share in this space. I feel God has given me a lot to say here.  I've been holding back up to now.  But it's time. 

Time to step up even more. God has been calling me out and it's time for me to bury what's left of my 'people pleasing side' and speak the truth in love as God leads me, even if it does ruffle more than a few feathers out there! So check back often and get ready to get ruffled! :-)


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